°How to like school more


Today I´ll give you some simple reasons how to be more excited about school.

I know, school can be so boring and very frustrating if you maybe don’t get the marks you’ve expected, but you always have to remember, that school is very important and it is very big thing in your life, no matter in which grade you are.  So here are some very easy and simple things on how you can make it all a little bit fun.

1. Have nice and clean school supplies

It is very important to have your folders and binders organized and clean. Maybe print your favorite pictures out and design your own planner or notebook! Believe me, it makes things a lot better. I mean who isn’t more happy to write in a nice and colorful notebook instead of a dirty and old one?

school planner 1

2. Keep track of all your exams, tests and homework

Okay, so this is literally the most important reason out of all. You have to keep track of all you stuff going on! Who doesn’t hate it, when you’ re lying in bed and in the middle of the night you remember, that you’re writing an exam on the next day. You can’t let that happen, because it is literally the most nerve-wracking thing. So plan your school year and write down every single important test and also the homework. Also design a sheet on the computer where you write all the dates and themes of the different tests down, print it out and pin it on you wall, your planner, the fridge or on your door!

3. Do your homework 

Sometimes you forget it or you don’t do it because you don’t want to, are listening to music or are on the computer. But it is so important to do the homework. It makes you so happy, when you’re sitting in school and you have your homework nice and clean in your bag. It personally makes me so stressed to sit in school and remember that I had to do work at home and I don’t have it. And also if you do it very nice, the teacher may notice and will out that in your mark, because every teacher like pupils who do their homework clean and right.

4. Be organized

As I already said, plan everything. Also maybe buy a folder where you specific put all of your homework sheets in, so you don’t lose them. If you get sheets in school, put them in your binder or in your specific folder you have for that subject. It makes everything so much easier because you don’t have to search after every single sheet.

5. Have a nice work space/desk

Make yourself a nice desk, which is organized. Put some fresh flowers on it and some nice jars. Hang some pictures on the walls and your schedules. Buy yourself some nice pens and pencils and put them in some cups. Get notebooks or design them and also put them on the desk. Put everything you love on it and inspire you. It makes studying so much more fun to sit at a nice desk with some fresh roses and inspirations!

school desk 2 school desk 1school desk 3

6. Choose your outfit for school 

Choose your outfit for school the afternoon before. Decide what to wear. Maybe the new jeans you got last week? Or the new sweatshirt? Or maybe wear the new necklace? Be excited to show your new stuff! It makes you very excited!

(picture credit goes to weheartit)

I hope these simple things will help you out a little bit! They’ve helped me a lot!

xoxo malia


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