,,My opinion on….,, Miley Cyrus

Hello Guys!

Today I will do something a bit different and something I will do with different people in the next time. I will just write about one person and tell you my opinion about them. So please don’t judge if you don’t have the same opinion but I hope I have the same opinion like some others

So without further I do….lets get started. My first person is Miley Ray Cyrus. I know, I know, this is a person where a lot of opinions are…but I want to try to explain what I think.

So first: The whole time in Elementary School I was a huuuuge Hannah Montana fan (haha which girl wasn’t) and I was so obsessed with Miley. I even hung up a poster of her on the wall in class once 🙂

And I know she was very popular and known as the ,,cute girl,, but then she got a new haircut and everyone says her personality changed too. But I disagree with that! Honestly I think, she was like she is now all the time but at first she didn’t show it or was a little bit too shy! Only if her haircut changes, she is still the same person. I think this girl, that is loud was Miley Cyrus all the time. If you look at the pictures of her with ,,the new haircut,, (know it sound not so good but dunno what to call it otherwise) she looks so much happier. On the old pictures she smiles but you don’t see this light in her eyes that you see now. Okay, I know a lot of people are going to say ,,But there are so many things that were awful and before that she wasn’t like this at all,,. Okay, thats true, there are things she maybe shouldn’t have done, but don’t you think she regrets them? Everyone makes mistakes. If you want to you can say that we are all the same in that case, but the only thing thats different is, that she’s in public all the time. She has to handle with so many rumors and so many lies that are flying around in press and on the internet. Other celebrities have that too, but not as hard as Miley has it all the time. It must be so hard to be under such a pressure and that since a small age.

I think, as I already said, there are a lot of things she maybe shouldn’t have done and she made mistakes but she learned of them and maybe regrets them. I think we have to respect her because we don’t know a simple thing about the life she is in (except you are Harry Styes, ha:))^^ So please, if anyone sees that, don’t judge people if you don’t know them well enough to be mean to them. And to be honest, I think the short, blood hair fits her so so so so so so well 🙂

Love you Miley,

xoxo Malia

,,It´s so much easier to know who you are when there aren’t a thousand people telling you who they think you are,,- Miley Cyrus


credit to the picture goes to pinterest.com


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