One Direction TAG

How did you find out about One Direction

Magazines and radio and stuff

What boy do you think you’re most like and why

Niall because I have a similar character and a similar style

Which boy do you ship yourself with and why

Niall or Harry because DUH they’re my favorites^^

Whats something you love and hate about this fandom

I love, that we can trend every hashtag in 10 minute and that we win every award for the boys but I absolutely hate that they sometimes forget that they also have a private life and ned some time for themselves and their family and friends.

If you had to choose to take one boy with you on a deserted island, who would you choose and why?

Niall or Liam because they wouldn’t freak out so fast and they would find food 😀

How many One Direction posters are in your room

I don’t really have poster, only 2-3. I like little pictures in frames more

How do you dream of meeting One Direction

Meeting them in a restaurant and getting in a conversation with them and then they’re asking me to sit down and eat with them ^^

Whats your favorite personality trait of each member

Niall: His laughs. Harry: That he isn’t taking everything so serious. Liam: That he is so nice and sweet and interacts so much with the fans. Zayn: That he keeps things chilled. Louis: That he is one of the funniest and cutest guys in the universe

Whats your favorite X-Factor performance


Have the boys ever followed, retweeted or noticed you on twitter

no 😦 but I´m working on it 😉

Whats piece of clothing from the boys wardrobe would you choose for them to give you

One of Nialls Shirts or Liams flannels

If you could ask Niall any question and he would answer honestly what would it be

If he thinks he will be doing the same thing in 10 years

Was there a time where you were so close to the boys but weren’t able to see them

Oh yes! Take Me Home Tour 2013! They were in the city where I live and I was on vacation.

Have you ever been to a One Direction concert, if so, how many

Yes, July 2nd in Dusseldorf and I´m going to one this year.

When was the last time you cried about the boys or one of them

Hmm I think, when I thought bout, that I will never ever meet them or get noticed somewhere,

What are your top three favorite songs from the album Midnight Memories

You & I, Don’t forget where you belong, Happily

What is your favorite song from Up All Night

What Makes You Beautiful babyyy

Do you think its wrong to have a favorite member? Why or why not.

No, if you like the others too

What was your favorite part of the Kiss You video

Nialls Solo^

What is your favorite tattoo out of all the boys ones

Nialls tattoos….. lol I don´t like tattoos at all

What do you think makes someone a true directioner

Being there for them and support them no matter what

Whats the craziest dream you had about One Direction

That my father is the 6th member of the band 😀

What is your favorite song from Take Me Home

Last First Kiss and Over again

What are your top three favorite songs from FOUR

18, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome

Who is your favorite girlfriend from the boys



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