DIY Tropical Fruit Salad


Today I have a super delicious little DIY. It is so easy and it tastes amazing and a lot better than a normal fruit salad with apples and co.

Soooo all you need for one medium sized bowl is:

  1. 1 pineapple (you can also buy already cut pineapple in the supermarket)
  2. 2 Mangos
  3. 2 or 3 passion fruits
  4. 1 papaya
  5. 2 limes

–> First you cut the mangos, papaya and pineapple into little squares.

–> Then you squeeze the limes and out it over the fruits in your bowl.

–> Now you take a spoon and take the passion fruit pulp out and put it over the fruits.

–> Last you take two spoons and mix it all together.

The salad tastes better, when you mix the salad 2-4 hours before serving and don’t put it in the fridge, because it tastes better when its fruity and a little warmer instead of ice cold and hard.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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