One Direction//OnTheRoadAgainTour TAG


I know, this is my second One Direction related post in the last days, but I just want to share these things with you. In the next time I will upload more school and fashion related things!

So today I´m doing a OnTheRoadAgainTour TAG, which is related to their tour that is starting on SATURDAY! ^^

Where are you seeing the boys?

I´m seeing the boys on June 13th in Brussels, Belgium.

What songs do you want to hear?

Well, its obvious, that they will sing all song from the new album and the ,classics, so I really really want to hear songs from the TakeMeHome album, specifically RockMe and LastFirstKiss.

What was your reaction when you got the tickets?

I was sooooo excited! I got the tickets together with my dad and it took me quite a time to persuade my parents, but somehow I managed to do it and got it as a Christmas Present.

On a scale, how excited are you?

If there would be a scale, I would be over it of course! On a scale from 1-10? 1000000000000000

Do you think you will cry?

I don’t know, if tears will stream down my entire face, but I think I will have wet eyes and my eyeballs will be red after the concert 🙂

How many days till the concert?


How far are you traveling?

Well, I´m flying on Friday the 12th and will fly back to Germany on Sunday the 14th, so I will have some days in Brussels. I won’t go to school on Friday (my flight is at 11am). So I´m very excited to meet a new city I´ve never been to 😀

Who´s going with you?

I´m going to Brussels with my mum & dad, but only my mum and I have tickets for the show so my dad will do something in the city, and I´m meeting a friend outside the arena, so we are going together inside and will stand together.

What are you going to wear?

Wow, good question. I actually don’t really know yet, its a long time till the concert so I will probably decide some weeks before the concert.

Are you making a poster?

Yes, since its my first time at a 1D concert, where they WILL see the poster because I´m near at the stage, but I won’t do a giant picture (these aren’t allowed anyway), it just disturbs the people behind me and I have to carry it all the time.

Are you planning to go to the stadium earlier?

Yes! Actually I have to, because otherwise I won’t be near at the stage. I will probably come to the arena 5 hours before start (poor mum)

What tickets do you have?

I have standing tickets in section B1.

plan otrat

Thanks for reading! I´m so




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