Los Angeles…worth the hype?

Hello Hello!

I would like to put my opinion on Los Angeles out here now. I personally think, L.A is not  worth the hype. A lot of people think it is THE celebrity place. It is, but only Beverly Hills. Except Rodeo Drive and all the super expensive places, L.A is ugly. Walk of fame is a nice thing to see once but not again! It is so overcrowded, dirty and so many rude people are there and talking to you and trying to sell you things. Then, a lot of people are saying, that you can see all the stars and celebrities when you’re there, but I can tell you one thing: I have been soooo many times to L.A. (about 8 times, because we always make a stop there when we´re going to Hawaii), also in thIMG_2425e period of time when award shows took place there and I´ve never met or even saw someone a little famous. I have been to all the places where they usually are, I went to Malibu, well known cafes and restaurants but no one was there. So I wouldn’t go to L.A, if you want to meet someone famous. If you don’t have a lot luck, you won’t see anyone. Everyone is in their big houses, surrounded by cameras and brick wall. so don’t even try to wait in front of a residence. Just don’t. The only trip, where I was so close to meet someone, was last summer. I was in L.A for 3 days and when we flew to Hawaii, I saw that Harry freaking Styles was at the same spot at the airport where I was 1 day ago. Imagine I would’ve metIMG_2474 him there! IMAGINE THAT! Probably I wouldn’t have written this post. Whatever. All in one, L.A. isn’t worth all the hype, but it is a cool place for a short vacation and for going shopping and eating. Hope you’re fine and having a good day, I´m still ill and laying on the ouch while being bored and spamming celebrities on twitter.

xoxo malia


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