Places you should see before you die

Hello hello!^^

I´m staying home today, because I have a big fat cold (hate the cold weather in Germany) so today I will list down some paces you should see before you die. Now you´ll maybe think, wait, why is a 12-year old telling me which places I have to see? Well, I´m lucky enough to say, that I have seen so many cities and places in my life and I´m so grateful for that, please remember that! I know, other people, who are much older than me, maybe haven’t seen so much of the world, so I just can say again: I´m very thankful for the things I´ve seen so far. 

  • New York City. NYC is one of the most fascinating places I´ve been. I don´t like NY just because of the hype, I like it because it gives me so much inspiration. When I was there, I was constantly smiling and happy it was unnormal.
  • Hawaii. Hawaii is the best place in the world. Literally. My family lives there and it is like my second home there. I know this place so good and it is so wonderful.
  • Seychelles. The people who live there are so friendly and nice and it is so wonderful to lay on the beach and just relax, because there is literally nothing else than beach and water.
  • Rome. Rome is so nice. The food in Italy is so good, the weather is wonderful and the people are so cool there. Rome is my favorite place in Italy, because it has so many cultural things so see.
  • Amsterdam. My mum and I visited Amsterdam last year and it was amazing (how many time did I use the word amazing in this post already lol :D). A friend of ours lives there in a house in the center of the city. Amsterdam is such a wonderful place.

    I hope this short post was enjoyable! See you soon!

xoxo Malia


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