Today I´m showing you a wishlist of mine, of things I really really love!
1. Normally I´m not one of those people who always want the newest Iphone and I wasn’t so interested in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but the iPhone 6 is so stunning! It is the perfect phone and I really really want the silver one! I hope I´ll have the money soon to buy it
2. Vans leather slip-ons are so in right now and I absolutely adore them! They look so so good and you can wear them to anything. I will buy these as soon as possible! I also have this model with a chevron design, I have a own post for this too, if you fancy seeing it click here
3. Okay, so these headphones are the prettiest I´ve ever seen! Especially the rose gold model is beautiful but they are very expensive 😦
4. Usually I´m not a big fan of watches but I´m in love with these simple watches from Kate Spade and the pink one is just perfect for me
5. OPI nail polishes are my new absolutely favorite polishes. I only have a few, which I haven’t used so much but last week I tried one of them again and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Literally. I used a pink one and the color looked so pretty and it dried so fast and last sooo long!
6. I really have a shoe-obsession. Doesn’t matter what kind of shoes, I LOVE THEM ALL, but especially sneakers are my obsession. I have a pair of white converse (which are getting so dirty ;() and I will buy the black ones next when I´m in the States again this year (so much cheaper than here in Germany)

Vans leather shoes
€66 – openingceremony.us

Converse black flat
€44 – lordandtaylor.com

Kate Spade watch
€170 – lordandtaylor.com

Iphone 6


OPI nail polish
€27 – nelly.com


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