How to study for exams


Everyone who’s in school knows the struggle: exams. Oh my god, how I hate them! They´re so stressful, but you can make them a little less stressful with some of these I hope so helpful little tips.

  • Prepare yourself.

Usually you get a plan of the school year where all the dates of the exams are in, I just got mine yesterday. If you not get this kinda plan, I´m sure your teacher tells you the exact date a few weeks before. We always get one week before the exam the theme of it and a list of things we can practice. Usually I start with learning about 5-6 days before. It depends on which subject. If its Latin, I start way longer before, about 10 days, because of all the vocabularies and the grammar. So my biggest tip is: Prepare yourself! Write down the exact date and learn at least 4 days before. It is helpful.

  • Divide it into different categories.

It doesn’t make sense, if you learn a bit from everything at once. Divide it into different categories. For example if its Latin: On Monday, I´m doing a bit of grammar, on Tuesday I´m going to translate a text and then I´m learning vocabularies and history of ancient Rome. Then at the end you can see, at what you’re good and then you can learn the things you aren’t so good again. It really helps, I´m doing it all the time.

  • Flash Cards.

So this isn’t a big tip, but what I´m always doing, is writing myself flash cards. I´m doing this every single time, because it helps me so much. First, you can learn wherever and whenever you want. You have everything in some little texts and you don’t have to read a long big text all the time. And you also learn the things while writing them down a bit. MAKE YOURSELF FLASHCARDS ITS HELPS! Promise^^ 🙂

  • Ask someone to retrieve you

I´m always asking my mum or my dad to do this. You can test if you’re good at the theme or not. It is really really really helpful.

  • Learn in a nice surrounding.

Learn in a nice surrounding, not somewhere where it is untidy or dirty. Also don’t have your mobile phone somewhere lying around. I always have my cell phone in another room because I always get disturbed by it. I maybe sometimes don’t know the answer for the question I have to answer right now and then I´m taking my phone and don’t learn.

I hope these simple tips where a little helpful!

xoxo Malia


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