Sneaker Wishlist

Hello my dear friends!
So I admit, that I have a sneaker obsession. I just don’t know, they’re my favorite kind of shoes. Actually, I can say, that I´m a proud owner of like 6 or 7 pairs of sneakers but I always want more 😦
The struggle is real guys.
So I made a collage of all the sneaks I love and would like to buy in the future.

Sneaker Wishlist

(From top left to bottom right)
  • Adidas Classic Superstar in black.

Okay so actually I didn’t pay attention to these a long time but now everyone wears them, so I can’t go around it. I absolutely fell in love with these black white ones, but I have a problem with white shoes- they always get dirty when people in school are stepping on them (that moment when your the first time wearing your new shoes and someone is stepping on them and making them dirty)

  • Adidas Stan Smith Classic Black with Leopard Print

When I searched for the Superstar ones, I found these and absolutely fell in love with them!!! They also have a white model with zebra print, but I like them more and they don’t get dirty even when someones stepping on them 😉

  • Converse Classic Tall Black

I have these in white (getting dirt ewwww) and I really want to have them in black.

  • Converse Classic Tall in Black/Black

I always thought they don’t look so good but then I saw Niall Horan wearing them and I become friends with them….. 🙂

  • Vans Classic Slip On in Black Leather

I want these for months already, they look so so good but I have to wait with probably every pair I´ve listed here till I´m in the USA again, because sooooo much cheaper then here!

  • Vans Classic Slip On in Snake Print

No explanation needed I think. Just beautiful and amazing.

I think the first pair I´m going to buy one pair as soon as spring is coming back….maybe the leopard adidas or the leather vans?? I don’t know.

Vans leather flat
€78 –

Adidas Originals black and white stripe shoes
€100 –

Converse black shoes
€62 –

Adidas Originals leather shoes
€88 –

Vans slip on sneaker
€53 –

Converse black shoes
€68 –

xoxo Malia

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