What’s okay to wear at school

Hey everyone. 

Today I would like to write about the theme what to wear at school. I think this is an important thing. In my school some of the girls are forgetting how old they really are and this annoys me so much. Sometimes I think, they don’t remember that the most of them are 14 or something but dressing like a 21 old, means: cropped tops, bras that are showing off and high shoes. So o wanted to make a kinda list with some things you should/shouldn’t  wear to school

What not

  • Super short shorts where you can see the butt
  • Tops that are over your belly button 
  • Clothes with rude things on 
  • Not too short dresses or skirts 
  • Showing off your bra!

What should

  • Skirts/dresses that are showing the knee but arent too short
  • Tops that don’t show your belly button in any way!
  • Things in a material that isn’t too sheer that you can see through it
  • Simple shirts/pants etc 

Here is my perfect school outfit

•A black skinny jeans, with a big and loose white shirt, an oversized cardigan in grey, some neon bracelets, Nike trainers and the hair put up in a ponytail. 



2 thoughts on “What’s okay to wear at school

  1. I totally agree with this! I also posted this morning about some of my pet peeves when it comes to school wear! you should check it out! fashionashleigh.wordpress.com
    I love the fact that you thing modest is better!


    • Yeah I think nowadays people are very weird sometimes. On the one side you should wear what you feel like and what you’re comfortable in, but you should also remember that you’re in school


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