DIY Passion Fruit Sorbet with only 2 Ingredients

hello hello today I have something amazing for ya! A self made passion fruit sorbet which is made of only 2 ingredients 

You’re going to think: how is this working with only two ingredients? 

But I’m telling you this is easy! 

All you need is:

  • Passion fruit (duh) 
  • A spoon
  • Sprite (you can also use juice)
  • An ice cube form thing
  • A bowl
  • Immersion blender

So you basically start taking a spoon and getting the inside of the fruits in a big bowl and then just taking your blender and blend it till its a great purée. Now just take a little of your sprite, mix it and put it in you’re ice cube form thing (what do you call this?). Now you just have to wait till its hard and you can eat it! So refreshing and delicious! 

xoxo Malia 


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