Seychelles Short Travel Guide/Hotels/Tips/Must seen beaches


Welcome to my Seychelles Travel Guide. Since I was there a few days ago, I planned to do this post because I think I´ve got quite a few tips for some of you out there. So the first thing I want to say, is that I´ve never stayed longer than 1 day on another island then Praslin! Friend of ours have a house there so we always stay there and not in a hotel or on another island. So lets get started!:


If you’re on Praslin there a couple of Hotel options. If you want to have something more luxurious you can stay in the Raffles Resort, which is not directly located on the beach (I don’t really like that) and I think its too expensive to stay in a hotel with a pool, when you can have one of the best oceans you’ve ever swam in. We´re always staying at the Cote d´or, which has a wonderful beach and super cool palm trees to take pictures (yes, I´m one of those persons who hurt their knees just to crawl up a palm tree if its possible). Directly there is a hotel called Village du pecheur and is very local and nice (kinda luxurious too I must say). Theres also the Berjaya Resort, which has a big pool area. If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, which can be very expensive, you can also stay in a Guest House, there a ton of them! And one last tip: Check out the ice cream shop there! They make delicious ice cream! Try the coconut one! Its made out of local coconuts!

So if you’re traveling to the Seychelles, you probably want to see amazing beaches and one beach I can highly recommend is the Anse Lazio. There a some waves and a huge shark net (years and years ago a shark came), but you don’t have to be scared, nothings happening. As I said, the Cote D´or is amazing too.

One thing, everyone has to do: Visiting the island La Digue! This is a wonderful island. We are always doing a day trip, but you can also stay there longer if you want to. So the special thing about La Digue is, that you’re doing almost everything with the bicycle. There are a lot of men, who are selling them to you for a daily fee, which is about 10$. It is very special to ride the bicycle there, because you’re basically driving through the jungle. There a lot of beaches that are pretty, one of the most popular is the Grande Anse, this is the beach where people film all the commercials, but the beach isn’t very good for swimming and theres very very less  shade. So my tip: Petite Anse! This beach is next to the Grande Anse, but you have to drive to the Grande Anse first, walk a little and then you have to walk through the ´jungle´ a little. But I beg you: Please ask someone, who seams local to you! Because when you’re walking to the Petite Anse, you can choose two ways to walk, and one is horrible, SO HORRIBLE, and the other one is going to lead you to the best beach ever. So please ask someone. Believe me, we made that mistake. Never again now. If you want to visit La Digue, you must take the ferry. If your coming from Praslin, go to the Baie St. Anne Port and you can buy tickets.

xoxo Malia


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