Essie Nailpolish Wishlist


So if you maybe have noticed, I’m going to clean my room and renovate it a bit, so I noticed, that I also have to clean my little vanity up. In there there are so many nail polishes, which are very very old so I have to clean this up. And that means I can buy some new, right? I’m a huge Essie polish fan (also OPI), so I bought myself a color I’ve been putting an eye on for quite a long time now. I don’t have that many Essie polishes, my first one was mint candy apple (which is still one of my faves but I have to buy a new bottle soon, it’s too old) but I come along with them very very well. I said to myself that I’ll maybe buy one once a month so I can build up a little collection. Today I have a little wishlist for you with the three colors I want to buy soon. As I said I really want another bottle of mint candy apple and a bottle of Sunday funday! And also if you want to know the colors I have: wait just a little, I may be uploading a review on them this weekend….stay tuned!


(From left to right)

1. Fiji. On this photo this looks pretty pinkish but it’s actually very light and creamy. This is very hard to get here, a lot of stores don’t have it, I may be ordering it online. 

2. Bikini So Teeny. OMG since I’ve seen this I want this. This is a great color for spring and I love the little glitter inside. Want want want 

3. Mint Candy Apple. As I said above, I need to stock up on those, my bottle is like empty and very weird. 

xoxo Malia


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