Essie Nailpolish Collection//Review


As promised, heres my Essie Nailpolish Collection, plus a little review. So to start of with my review: I really love these nail polishes. I think they’re kinda pricy, so you can’t just buy 5 at one time, but you can afford one once in a while I think 🙂 Girls can afford everything thats beauty or fashion themed, am I right? 😀

One big thing I really love about them, is the packaging. It look so adorable. The colors are very cool, but you can’t get them all in Germany. Not all colors are very covering, it depends. The reds are very intense, but the pinks are very sheer. The first coat is dry after about 20 minutes. One thing I can really recommend, is the good to go fast drying top coat. It really works and makes the nail look very good. 



 So here are all the names of the colors: (From left to right)

1. Ballett Slippers, 2. Spaghetti Strap, 3. Go Ginza, 4. Mint Candy Apple, 5. I´m Addicted, 6. Too Too Hot, 7. Forever Yummy, 8. Chin chilly


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