Essie Nailpolish TAG


Today I have something little but fun for you: An Essie Tag! I have been so obsessed with these polishes lately and I´m sorry for three Essie-related posts in the last days, but this one is the last one for now, I promise!

Why Essie?

Well, I think there isn’t something negative about them! They have amazing colors, they dry fast, last long and the bottle look so cute! I just think that these polishes are great, and I know, they’re more expensive, but they’re worth it. What I really like to do is to treat myself with them. When I have written an exam that was very stressful, I´m buying a color I always wanted and I´m happy again.

How many bottles of Essie Nailpolishes do you own?

I think I have about 13 or 14! I know, quite a few, but I don’t have 100! 🙂

Which was your first color?

Mint candy Apple! I remember this too well!  was pretty small, it was about three years ago (When I was about 9 0r 10) or even longer! I bought it with my own pocket money, because they always fascinated me and I remember, that I was so proud when I got this color.

Which was the last color you bought?

I just treated myself  with two brand new colors yesterday! Spin The Bottle and Lovie Dovie

Which polish do you like the most?

Okay, I really like them all, I really really like Ballet Slippers, because its a sheer color for everyday and I love love love Forever Yummy. Its THE perfect red color.

Which polish do you don’t like that much?

Hmm I really like them all, but I don’t like Go Ginza that much, its not looking good when its painted.

Which colors are on your wishlist?

Definitely Blanc (gotta go with the hype), Cocktail Bling, Peach Daiquiri and Sunday Funday!

xxx Malia


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