My TOP 3 Restaurants in DUBAI

Heyyy and welcome to my new post!

Today I would like to share with you my TOP3 Restaurants in Dubai. So I have been so many times to Dubai with my parents, but we always visited at least one of those restaurants, because they’re our favorites. I would say, lets jump right in and take a look at my favorite restaurants in Dubai!

1. Hakkasan Dubai (Asian)

Okay, this is literally my favorite. My dad and I love love love love love this place. The food is so delicious and the best chinese food you will eat in your life! Oh and a quick tip when you’re there: Try the fried dim sum platter and the roasted duck spring rolls 🙂

Adress: Jumeirah Emirated Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road (Tel. +971 4 384 8484)

2. Anise Restaurant.

This is the best place to eat buffet in the whole wide world. Really. If you like buffets, THIS IS FOR YOU! I always beg my parents to go there when we are in Dubai, because I absolutely love it. They have EVERYTHING. You can eats Asian, like Peking Duck, you can eat Japanese like Sushi and Sashimi, they make you you own pizza, your own noodles, they have soup, a huge salad bar and also a lot f gourmet food like scallops. And before I forget: THE DESSERT BAR IS AMAZING! They have chocolate fountains, where you can dip marshmallows and fruit in and a huge ice cream counter, an amazing cake counter and a lot of different arabic treats as well as assorted fruits. This place is worth a visit!

Adress: Inside the InterContinental Hotel, Festival City (Tel. +971 4 701 1131)

3. The Thai Kitchen 

Also a huge favorite of mine. Directly located by the marina of Dubai, with a nice view of the yachts and water. They serve delicious thai food. Its a family system, so it means that you can order a lot of small dishes. Its a lot of fun if you’re at eat 2-3 people! And a little tip as well: Try the green beef curry! So yummy!

Adress: Deira, (near deira city centre) Inside the ParkHyatt Hotel (tel. +971 4 317 2223)

xoxo Malia!^^^


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