FITFORSUMMER//Fitness Routine and Tips


So in the last time I really got into fitness. I´m quite a sporty person, but in the last time I felt like I´m not 😀 I am pretty happy with my body, thats not my problem, I just want to be more fit, especially for the summer time, which is right around the corner! So I thought, why not start with a new series, called ,,FITFORSUMMER,,. Today I am just going to talk about what I am doing and how it was so far.

So I´m starting with a little bit harder stuff and then I will take it more slow in a couple of weeks. So for the last time I did 1-3 of those workout videos, that you can watch on youtube. My favorite channels are Blogilates and XHIT Daily. I really love those videos, but one thing: How do girls in these videos look SO GOOD, while I am sweating and struggling to get my leg up? I guess that why I started to begin lol. These videos usually are about 7-12 minutes and I always do the Leg, Butt or Stomach ones. I generally don’t need to do arm stuff, because I am pretty happy about them. The main area where I want to get more fit, is the leg area. My stomach is okay, but I want those abs! 🙂 So I did these videos every single day and I will continue this for a while. Something new I started about 4 or 5 days ago is the 30 Day Flat Abs challenge from You are basically following all the steps, which include Sit Ups and all that good stuff 😉 I have to tell you: I´m at day 5 or something now and my stomach is different already! Maybe its also because I did all of these videos before, but do you know how it is when you can blow up your belly to like a beer belly? I can’t do that anymore! My stomach is felling so hard already! I´m so excited to see how it looks when I´m finish with the challenge! I can highly recommend it so far and when I am done, I´ll tell you about everything and I will be maybe doing an own challenge for you guys!

So one thing that I also have every week is different sports. I have rowing in school 2 hours and its very very effective. I also play Tennis once a week, which is good too. My father and I are a member of a very nice Spa and Fitness Club here and we went there last weekend to try out their fitness area and it was very fun! We plan on going to the gym there at least once a week now, maybe on the weekends (Sunday or Saturday).

So last but not least I have to say, that I am doing this to get more confident. I mean, everyone is insecure about something, thats totally normal, but if you want to look a little bit more sporty and fit, go for it! Its so easy.! Just go on youtube and do a quick little workout! You can do it before you’re going under the shower for example! Do some little workouts in bed or on the couch while watching tv or whatever! And I tell you, I´m feeling so proud of me already, because I have done it straight now! I am a very lazy person, but if you once get the hang of it, you won’t stop! And also, you don’t have to change all of your meals to salad. I am one of the biggest sweets lover on the planet and I am trying to eat less, but if you’re doing a workout routine often, you can eat those gummy bears!

Hope you’re excited for the series!

xoxo malia


5 thoughts on “FITFORSUMMER//Fitness Routine and Tips

  1. My suggestion: Walk every single day- its good for you and you’ll feel better at the end of it. Start with 20 minutes then work your way to an hour. If you get tired of walking, work on cardio find a jogging buddy! Time passes by really fast that way. Also be sure to keep one pace!

    Try yoga- it promotes flexibility, relaxes the body and causes you to get better posture!

    If you want to tone yourself I suggest hybrid training- 5×5 you’ll look aesthetic and be a strong bad ass! No you will not look manly, you physically would have to over train to get pecs and giant arms to look masculine- and even for that you’d have to take testosterone pills or steroids.

    Remember there’s nothing like classic training! Good luck and take care!

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