Fitness Guide: Gym for Beginners #FitForSummer

Hey Guys!

Today I am having a new episode of my #Fitforsummer series!

Today its all about the gym! I´m a total newbie myself, but I made a little routine, thats very good for me and its very good for beginners (like I am)

The fist thing I recommend doing is some warming-up like going on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Then I am going to the stepper for about 10 minutes and 10 minutes on the cycle thing 😀 The only part where I want to train is the leg, butt, abs part, but I also want to work on my endurance. When I am done with the ,,warming-up,, I am doing random workouts on the leg, butt and stomach machines. I really like these ones where you sit down and train your inner thighs (gotta get that thing gap huh) and your butt. I´m usually doing these random training for about 20-30 minutes. I am finishes after about 1 hour. I think its important, not to overdo it at the start! I know these are really for beginners, but as I said, I am just starting out and its really fun! For sure I am going to get better and better but thats just a matter of time! Of course I have a certain goal I want to reach till summer, but I always make sure not to lose the fun! Fun is important and you have to stay hard!

Work for your goal!

If your goal is the typical cliché ,,bikini body,,: START NOW! Not next week and not on Saturday! Start today! It is so damn hard to get yourself together and do something but believe me: You will feel so good and proud after it! The moment when you’re under the shower after a workout session makes you feel so nice! You won’t get that ,,perfect,, body (which is dumb btw because every body is perfect in a certain way) in just one day and one session! Get yourself together!

Work for it! We will do it together girl! We still have a couple of weeks till summer…   😉

xoxo Malia


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