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Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the most popular travel destinations and are the home of luxury. The people in the Unite Arab Emirates know what is luxurious and big. Dubai has the highest building in the world: The Burj Khalifa. About 900 meters is this building high and millions of people come to take a ride to the top platform with the best view of the city. You can compare Dubai and Abu Dhabi in some way, but they are a little different. In Abu Dhabi you have a little bit more beach feeling. Lay on the beach with a view of the breathtaking skyline of Dubai in the background. Of course you can go to the beach in Dubai as well, on the Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai is the city of shopping and big malls. The Dubai Mall is known as the second biggest mall worldwide and has a huge selection of shops and restaurants and also fun activities, like ice skating and rollercoasters. Shopping is on of the main attractions in both cities. Another very popular activity is taking part in a tour through the dessert! There is a big selection of different tours for everyone, like sleeping in oriental tents in the middle of the dessert, riding on camels and doing sand boarding.

Both cities have wonderful mosques you can visit and look at, but be careful: Wear something that is covering your knees and shoulders! Making trips to markets and bazars is something you can do in both cities as well. When you’re in Dubai, take a tripe with a boat to the other side of the Dubai creek and walk around the streets where people are selling spices, clothes and other stuff, but be careful with your things: Pickpockets are everywhere! Boat trips are very very cheap you can take the traditional Arabian boat for about 1 dollar.

When you are in Abu Dhabi and you love fun fairs and rollercoasters, visit the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi! I´m a hug fan of fast rollercoasters and they have one of the fastest worldwide! I tried it and its true! 🙂 The Ferrari World is definitely worth a trip and is super fun! If you don’t like rollercoasters, you can take a look at the Ferrari Museum next to the fun fair and look at all the amazing cars from now and the past!

If you want to visit on of the both cities and you don’t know which one to pick, I would say do both! I would also say to stay a little bit longer in Dubai, I personally think its cooler there. Abu Dhabi is only 1 hour away by car (without traffic), so take the taxi! I did it and it was super easy and fast that way! Taxi is so cheap in The United Arab Emirates, its amazing! If you go by taxi it will be much cheaper than buying a flight ticket, except you got a super cheap deal, but you also don’t have to drive to the airport and have all the stress over there.

Have fun!

xoxo Malia


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