summer essentials
Summer is almost here and of course there are some thing everyone should own this summer! 

A big must are a pair of Converse, they are the perfect summer sneakers and go with everything. The classic white ones are my all time favorites, but the colorful ones go with a lot as well and can be a nice little highlight on a simple outfit. This summer you have to do a little pool party or go to the beach! Swimming is one of the best activities in this warm season, so you’re going to need your perfect pool essentials: A cute bikini, the perfect pair of sunnies, a donut pool float and a backpack to store your things in are the perfect things! While you’re laying in the sun you should eat lots of popsicles and watermelons, they’re two of the best summer snacks to cool you down. Make your own popsicles with some juice and fruits and just freeze them in little popsicle containers! Because you’re going to sweat in summer and going to get wet in the water, waterproof mascara is a must have! NO SMUDGING this summer! Summer is the season for bright nails and colors like bright pinks, reds and oranges have to be one your nails at least once. Also make sure to spend a lot of your time with friends, or even make some new ones! Take polaroid pictures with these amazing cameras and your summer will be memorable forever!

Neck tie
€71 –

Converse pink shoes
€49 –

Converse high top sneaker
€70 –

Black drawstring bag
€37 –

Ray-Ban black sunglasses
€175 –

Maybelline black mascara
€7,75 –

Victoria s Secret fragrance
€13 –

Sally Hansen gel nail polish
€8,96 –

Gel nail polish

ModCloth Quirky Mmmm, Donut Pool Float
€22 –


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