garlandIf you’re like me and your birthday is next week (yayyy), you probably already tried to figure out what to do and how to have the best party ever. Even if its not your birthday- ITS SUMMER! And summertime means= summer BBQ, pool parties and girls nights! So get your notebook and plan the best party ever with me!

Quick DISCLAIMER: These pictures ARENT mine, I got them mainly from pinterest and other social media!


INVITATIONS: So the first thing is doing invitations. Figure out how many people you’ll invite and then print or craft some invitations. I think its very cute to do some yourself, or you’ll just go to your local drugstore and print some pictures in high quality out. Also make sure to write them with your hand and not print everything. If you don’t have that much time, write at least the different names and sign. Also make sure to write every important information on it: Where, when and telephone number for reply. Make sure to hand the invitations to your friends at least one week before!

LOCATION: You can do a cool summer party outside if you have a space with a pool and a BBQ but you can also do something cool inside. Maybe you want to go somewhere with your friends as well, like the fun fair or just your local park.

DECORATION: Decoration is SO IMPORTANT! First of all you should figure out your theme. For my birthday its just a summer and candy kinda theme. If you want your theme to be ,,tropical,, buy some balloons and draw some palm leafs on them. Buy mini pineapples and put them as decoration around your house and hang some cute fruit garlands around your space as well! Try pinterest and just type in your theme! In general: BALLOONS; BALLOONS; BALLOOOOONS!


FOOD: I think the best thing to serve on a party is a little buffet with loads of stuff. This year I will have one in the hallway and it will be the ,,main part,,. I am going to serve chocolate fondue with different stuff like a variety of berries, marshmallows, sprinkles and oreo cookie crumbles so everyone can dip his/her stuff in the chocolate. You can get little fondues for very cheap on amazon, but I have a little mini chocolate fountain 😀

GAMES: I thinks it comes in handy to plan some little activities. The older you get, the harder it gets but I found some cool ones every teen enjoys! Water fights, are very cool and fun! If you don’t want to clean up all the mess you made from the balloons and spend hours and hours of making them, try to use little sponges. Everyone gets a few and a bucket full of water and can soak them in water for a little time. Its way more fun. Color them in different colors so everyone knows which ones are his/hers. Another thing is paint fight. Its very fun as well but you have to make sure everyone wears clothes, that can get dirty. Of course you can wash your clothes but usually there will stay some little stains after. Look up on the internet where you can order the color. It usually is corn powder colored and filled up in little plastic bags.



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