48h in Amsterdam // What to do, where to go and what to eat



Amsterdam in the Netherlands. A beautiful city and an amazing place to visit for a quick weekend. Amsterdam is a very small city with many many tourists and very less population. Today I´ll be showing you the musts when visiting the city in 48 hours.

Day 1:

 Amsterdam is small city but you can get lost, since it looks kind of the same everywhere 🙂 I would recommend buying a map and look where you are. The best way to explore the city is by foot. Of course you can rent a bike, which is typical in Amsterdam but its very crowded everywhere and you will stuck in the traffic with your bike. If you still want to rent a bike, you can get them on almost every corner! Start exploring the city with a wonderful cruise on the canals of Amsterdam. A cruise sis 15€ per person and you can get drinks on the boot. I would recommend going on a cruise for about 1 hour. Its the perfect time -not too long and not too short. If you start at the Oudezijds vorburgwal, you will get an amazing tour around all the must seen sights and under nice bridges. If you’re in the Oudezijds vorburgwal you can also visit THE BULLDOG cafe, which is the first legal coffee shop in Amsterdam that sells weed and other smoking stuff… you can’t get in under 18 but sitting on the little terrace drinking something is for everyone.

After the cruise, take a walk through one of the nice alleys. Start at the famous department store De Bijkenkorf (Dam 1) and talk a walk around there. If you see a nice cafe, sit down and drink a beer and eat some Bitterballen. BItterballen are a traditional food in Amsterdam. They’re grid little balls with potato and meat inside. I personally don’t like them so much, but its a must for everyone who is visiting this city.

Day 2:

Today walk over to the Kings palace. You can take a tour through the rooms of the last centuries. Right beside the palace you can go through another big shopping, the Kalvertstraat. If you go walk the Kalverstraat down you will find the Amsterdam Museum, where you can get in for free (hallway and little room) and sit down in the wonderful cafe. Not far away is the Leidsestraat which is my personal favorite shopping street. It has a lot of good stores like Brandy Melville and Scotch. There is also a Magnum Ice Cream store, where you can make your own Magnum ice cream with chocolate and topping of your choice.

When your done with your little shopping spree, look for the Cafe Herengracht!!! It has beautiful seats outside right beside one of the canals, the Herengracht. When your ordering some food, definitely order the Nachos!! Oh my god, they are the best thing in the world and I actually want some RIGHT NOW! If you still got some time visit some flea markets and farmers markets, they’re basically everywhere and you can get very cheap designer stuff there as well!

Thanks for reading! I´m flying to Paris today, so there will be a Paris Travel guide as well! 



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