Heeeey! Sorry for not talking to you guys for sooo long but school officially started a few days ago and I already have so much to do! Last week I sat down and wrote down all of the things I want to do in my life aka a Bucket List! I also wrote down things I already did/got.

  1. get a kitten
  2. eat macaroons in Paris
  3. visit the Eiffel Tower
  4. go to a One Direction Concert
  5. go to New York City in Christmas Time
  6. christmas shopping in New York
  7. find my signature scent
  8. ride roller coasters 
  9. go ice skating in New York
  10. meet One Direction
  11. visit London in Fall/Spring
  12. get a manicure with a friend
  13. get balayage
  14. cook a meal for my parents
  15. do a juice cleanse
  16. perfect first kiss
  17. live/go to High School in America for 6 months/1 year
  18. move to New York
  19. graduate with good marks
  20. visit Hong Kong
  21. go on a safari
  22. visit Iceland
  23. get a small but meaningful tattoo
  24. get more fit and health
  25. workout 5 times a week

xoxo Malia


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