Perfume Favorites

Perfume Favorites
Today I´ll share my current perfume favorites! I do not own all of these (unfortunately) but I smell them regularly, whether someone I know wears thats scent or I smelled it inside of Sephora. My current top favorite is Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture. I just bought this one today after wanting it for so long! Its just the perfect scent for school or free time!
Bombshell by Victorias Secret is another favorite. I personally own the mini version and the body mist and I absolutely love it! Its a fresh scent but its kind of musky and is perfect for daily bases. Thirdly we have Ambre Vanille by Laura Mercier which i together with Coconut Almond one of my top perfume wishes! It smells very high quality and I hope to buy it very soon! Prada Candy is another perfume I don’t own but really love. It smells just like marshmallows, which can be a little bit too strong sometimes, but if you’re in the mood for something very sweet- its perfect!
Chance Chanel is probably one of the scents I´m not going to buy because of the price! 🙂 But of course it smells amazing and if I had the money I would definitely but it, its a very fresh and fruity scent, which I usually go for!
Last but not least we have a lovely Diptyque scent my mother owns. This one smells just like figs and is one of the most amazing scents ever! Its very pricey but the smell is just sooooo good!!!
Down below you can click all the links to buy the perfumes!

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