Harry Styles Inspired Clothes for Girls //FOR LESS

Harry Styles
When I think of Harry Styles´ clothes, I think of boots, skintight (maybe too tight sometimes) jeans, Saint Laurent and floral! His style is very casual and simple, but he still pulls it of with an edgy and chic vibe. Recreating his clothes for girls wasn’t hard at all, you basically just need a basic base and some little accessories  that’ll make the outfit look super cool. I also tried to use affordable pieces mainly, as his style almost only consists of Saint Laurent.
You want to make sure, you chose his favorite colors aka black, brown, burgundy, white and some pops of light pink, orange and mustard yellow. For the main outfit you can chose either a pair of skinny basic jeans with a blouse or basic shirt and boots, or a nice midi bodycon dress with a coat and some heels.
For accessories he keeps it simple, as his tattoos are the eye catcher. A black buckle belt, some statement rings and a classic leather watch are his key pieces.

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