First fall post….yayy!!! I´ll show you 10 super cool things to do this fall. These won’t all be the average main stream things everyone talks about aka Pumpkin Spice Latte and Bath and Body Works candles, although they’re cool… 🙂 and I know some people already start talking about christmas but honestly I think fall just started.

  1. Declutter your room Take a weekend or a few days and just spend time in your room. Decide what you want to keep and what you can throw away/give away. It feels so much better when you’re going into a nice and cleaned room
  2. DIY´s There are so many DIY´s you can try on the internet. Get inspiration and do something fun!
  3. Paint your nails This is kind of the same as ,,Pumpkin Spice Lattes,, but painting your nails in a nice red really gets the fall vibes out!
  4. Study This actually sound weird, but in the fall time there’ll come a lot of important exams and thing coming up in school so use your free time and study! Writing good exams and tests really makes everything so much more fun. Learning can actually really be fun (kind of) but just if you’re doing it right!  (there will come a post about this very soon!)
  5. Be social Get out! Fall is also fun inside, but also outside! I don’t know how it look in your country right now, but here in Germany the weather is perfect! It rains a little, which sucks, but there are leaves everywhere and its just so beautiful to get out with a couple of friends and go for a walk at the lake.
  6. Get active This is something everyone says, (and never actually makes it to the gym), but fall is a good time to get a little bit more active, especially when Christmas is coming up aka the holiday of eating 
  7. Overcome yourself Overcome your fears! I don’t mean going bungee jumping or jumping out of a plane by this, but there are so many smaller fears we have. Why don’t overcome yourself and just do it? Talk to someone you’ve always wanted to talk to!
  8. Listen to music I know I said that you should get outside a little, but being inside on a weekend, cuddled up with some nice music really is the best thing ever.
  9. Take photos I´m actually going to this with my friend this weekend! But just get out and take some cute little pictures!
  10. Do something you always wanted to do This is almost the same as overcome yourself, but just do something that makes you happy and you always wanted to do. 

Harry Styles Inspired Clothes for Girls //FOR LESS

Harry Styles
When I think of Harry Styles´ clothes, I think of boots, skintight (maybe too tight sometimes) jeans, Saint Laurent and floral! His style is very casual and simple, but he still pulls it of with an edgy and chic vibe. Recreating his clothes for girls wasn’t hard at all, you basically just need a basic base and some little accessories  that’ll make the outfit look super cool. I also tried to use affordable pieces mainly, as his style almost only consists of Saint Laurent.
You want to make sure, you chose his favorite colors aka black, brown, burgundy, white and some pops of light pink, orange and mustard yellow. For the main outfit you can chose either a pair of skinny basic jeans with a blouse or basic shirt and boots, or a nice midi bodycon dress with a coat and some heels.
For accessories he keeps it simple, as his tattoos are the eye catcher. A black buckle belt, some statement rings and a classic leather watch are his key pieces.

Perfume Favorites

Perfume Favorites
Today I´ll share my current perfume favorites! I do not own all of these (unfortunately) but I smell them regularly, whether someone I know wears thats scent or I smelled it inside of Sephora. My current top favorite is Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture. I just bought this one today after wanting it for so long! Its just the perfect scent for school or free time!
Bombshell by Victorias Secret is another favorite. I personally own the mini version and the body mist and I absolutely love it! Its a fresh scent but its kind of musky and is perfect for daily bases. Thirdly we have Ambre Vanille by Laura Mercier which i together with Coconut Almond one of my top perfume wishes! It smells very high quality and I hope to buy it very soon! Prada Candy is another perfume I don’t own but really love. It smells just like marshmallows, which can be a little bit too strong sometimes, but if you’re in the mood for something very sweet- its perfect!
Chance Chanel is probably one of the scents I´m not going to buy because of the price! 🙂 But of course it smells amazing and if I had the money I would definitely but it, its a very fresh and fruity scent, which I usually go for!
Last but not least we have a lovely Diptyque scent my mother owns. This one smells just like figs and is one of the most amazing scents ever! Its very pricey but the smell is just sooooo good!!!
Down below you can click all the links to buy the perfumes!

GIGI HADID Airport Outfit Sydney: Get the look! (For Less)

gigi hadid GTL for less

Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular models right now and is always in the spotlight. I personally love her and especially her cute but comfy style! Lastly she was seen wearing this amazing outfit at the airport in Sydney and I really wanted to recreate it! Her style is very pricey and almost head to toe designer so I wanted to do it for less! She’s wearing a Tibi Silk Crop Top which costs almost 300$, I found a simple black one from H&M for about 16$. Her Boyfriend Jean Jacket is from GUESS, I found a pretty similar from Westseal for much cheaper. The sweatpants were very hard to find, but i think they’re either Alexander McQueen or somewhere else pricey. I found two pairs that look very similar, a cheaper pair from Forever21 (which is the top one) and a pair from Nordstrom for about 45$. She wears some classic pointed heels from Barneys, but some classic ones from Dorothy Perkins are almost the same (They’re also on sale right now). I you don’t want to wear heels, you can also wear the classic Adidas Superstar in all white, which she was seen wearing also. But to be honest, I think she wore some sneakers or sandals on the plane and put her heels on at the airport. For accessories she kept it simple with her very pricey Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses and her favorite Elizabeth And James Duffle Bag. I found a pair of cheap brownish aviators from MANGO and an awesome bag from Nordstrom for about 50$! Her own outfit cost about 1600$ plus the sweatpants and I recreated it for about 200$! Below are all of the items listed again, with price. You will also find links down there.

Guess 90´s Boyfriend Jacket 138$

Tom Ford ´Rick´Aviator Sunglasses 390$

Elizabeth And James Scott Duffle Bag 495$

Tibi Silk Faille Cropped Top 298$

Barneys New York Nataly Pointes-Toe Pumps 295$

Sweatpants are unknown ????

1616$ +unknown price of sweatpants

Westseal denim jacket 42$

H&M black ribbed crop top 16$

Nordstrom Sweatpants 45$

Forever 21 Sweatpants 20$

Dorothy Perkins Heels 35$

Mango Aviator 20$

Nordstrom Bag 50$

200$ – 228$ for the complete outfit


Heeeey! Sorry for not talking to you guys for sooo long but school officially started a few days ago and I already have so much to do! Last week I sat down and wrote down all of the things I want to do in my life aka a Bucket List! I also wrote down things I already did/got.

  1. get a kitten
  2. eat macaroons in Paris
  3. visit the Eiffel Tower
  4. go to a One Direction Concert
  5. go to New York City in Christmas Time
  6. christmas shopping in New York
  7. find my signature scent
  8. ride roller coasters 
  9. go ice skating in New York
  10. meet One Direction
  11. visit London in Fall/Spring
  12. get a manicure with a friend
  13. get balayage
  14. cook a meal for my parents
  15. do a juice cleanse
  16. perfect first kiss
  17. live/go to High School in America for 6 months/1 year
  18. move to New York
  19. graduate with good marks
  20. visit Hong Kong
  21. go on a safari
  22. visit Iceland
  23. get a small but meaningful tattoo
  24. get more fit and health
  25. workout 5 times a week

xoxo Malia

48h in Amsterdam // What to do, where to go and what to eat



Amsterdam in the Netherlands. A beautiful city and an amazing place to visit for a quick weekend. Amsterdam is a very small city with many many tourists and very less population. Today I´ll be showing you the musts when visiting the city in 48 hours.

Day 1:

 Amsterdam is small city but you can get lost, since it looks kind of the same everywhere 🙂 I would recommend buying a map and look where you are. The best way to explore the city is by foot. Of course you can rent a bike, which is typical in Amsterdam but its very crowded everywhere and you will stuck in the traffic with your bike. If you still want to rent a bike, you can get them on almost every corner! Start exploring the city with a wonderful cruise on the canals of Amsterdam. A cruise sis 15€ per person and you can get drinks on the boot. I would recommend going on a cruise for about 1 hour. Its the perfect time -not too long and not too short. If you start at the Oudezijds vorburgwal, you will get an amazing tour around all the must seen sights and under nice bridges. If you’re in the Oudezijds vorburgwal you can also visit THE BULLDOG cafe, which is the first legal coffee shop in Amsterdam that sells weed and other smoking stuff… you can’t get in under 18 but sitting on the little terrace drinking something is for everyone.

After the cruise, take a walk through one of the nice alleys. Start at the famous department store De Bijkenkorf (Dam 1) and talk a walk around there. If you see a nice cafe, sit down and drink a beer and eat some Bitterballen. BItterballen are a traditional food in Amsterdam. They’re grid little balls with potato and meat inside. I personally don’t like them so much, but its a must for everyone who is visiting this city.

Day 2:

Today walk over to the Kings palace. You can take a tour through the rooms of the last centuries. Right beside the palace you can go through another big shopping, the Kalvertstraat. If you go walk the Kalverstraat down you will find the Amsterdam Museum, where you can get in for free (hallway and little room) and sit down in the wonderful cafe. Not far away is the Leidsestraat which is my personal favorite shopping street. It has a lot of good stores like Brandy Melville and Scotch. There is also a Magnum Ice Cream store, where you can make your own Magnum ice cream with chocolate and topping of your choice.

When your done with your little shopping spree, look for the Cafe Herengracht!!! It has beautiful seats outside right beside one of the canals, the Herengracht. When your ordering some food, definitely order the Nachos!! Oh my god, they are the best thing in the world and I actually want some RIGHT NOW! If you still got some time visit some flea markets and farmers markets, they’re basically everywhere and you can get very cheap designer stuff there as well!

Thanks for reading! I´m flying to Paris today, so there will be a Paris Travel guide as well! 


Wishlist August’15

Unbenannt #80
As always, I have some new wishes I would like to purchase in the next few weeks/months. These are my top 6.
1. Laura Mercier Almond and Coconut perfume this stuff smells amazing! I first heard about it when Meghan Rienks talked about it in one of her favorite videos so when I was at Bloomingdales I had to smell at it and I fell in love with it! When I’m back home I will order it right away. 
2. Free people lace halter galloon bralette I saw so many people owning this and I think it is the perfect layering look under a wide simple shirt!

3. White distressed shorts these ones here are from one teaspoon, which I can’t afford, but I would love to have a similar pair as it looks amazing with a tan and a grey shirt. 

4. Clarisonic i want one of these so badly! They’re very exspensive but I really think about getting one. 

5. Soap and glory scrub smells sooooooo good!

6. Nike roshe run 



Sunglasses are a huge must-have this summer! Round, cat eye or the classic aviator model- everything is back in trend now! Definitely put your hand on some colorful ones and some classic ones. I would recommend to invest in one pair of high quality ones, like the classic aviator or the club master style and then in some cheaper statement pieces with the rainbow lens or a thick aryl outlining! Sunglasses can add so much to your outfit and I will wear them non stop this summer! Just wear a simple white jeans, a grey shirt, leather jacket, cute sandals and  pair of statement sunnies and you’re good to go!

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
€200 – stylebop.com

Victoria Beckham aviator sunglasses
€485 – pretavoir.co.uk

Illesteva round sunglasses
€165 – neimanmarcus.com

Wildfox polarized sunglasses
€180 – shopbop.com

Madewell sunglasses
€49 – madewell.com

Le Specs round sunglasses
€56 – net-a-porter.com